We are the premier partner for investing in Africa, propelling it to its full potential and excellence.


We create wealth through diligent investment, sustained value creation, and the uncompromising application of world-class standards and global best practices.


    • Boikanyego: our integrity makes us trustworthy and incorruptible in delivering the best outcomes for our investment partners.

    • Bo Mmogo: our alignment with our partners and with each other enables us to achieve our purpose while working in unison.

    • Mafisa: the mutuality of our relationships ensures that we create value for shared success and mutual benefit.

    • Khumo: we create wealth and long-term positive impact for society and all our stakeholders.

    • Boagedi: we are active contributors to our community; we uplift society, nurture the environment, and maintain global citizenship.

    • Bonokopila: we exhibit African excellence in all we do and we proudly showcase the excellence in African people, investment opportunities, and culture. We are the employer of choice for Africa’s brightest minds.

    • Thobo: our investments yield satisfying outcomes, we are performance-oriented, and we invest in our team and cultivate a safe and enabling working environment in order to produce superior results.

    • Bopelokgale: we are bold in our thinking and expansion; we are innovative in our approach and client centricity; we are creative in crafting and implementing solutions.